Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Emergency Contraception Blues

Photo montage by Eleanor Doughty, words by Darryl Marsden.

After releasing their debut album, “I Had The Blues But I Shook Them Loose” in July of this year, Bombay Bicycle Club took on the festival circuit again this summer playing Reading and Leeds festivals for the third year running and are now embarking on a short UK run. Judging by the look of those in attendance tonight it’s a good thing most of the dates are 14+ otherwise it could have been a Flight of the Conchords empty gig style affair.

Entering the stage on the right they’re greeted to huge cheers and frontman Jack Steadman has a grin as wide as Christmas Day. People are clambering to view from the stairs, the boys and girls at the front are buzzing from the sip of their Dad’s Red Stripe they had before sending him off to the back of the room and all is set for a rock show.

BBC blast through the set which relies heavily on their first LP release but also takes songs from the old EPs for the die hard fans. For such young men they really must have studied their post punk because songs such as “Dust On The Ground” and “The Hill” sound more mature than the cheddar their mum puts in their sandwiches. They mix this older sound with a youthfulness and charm to create a sound which really is their own. Many younger bands look a little lost on the stage but BBC take to it with ease and have energy in abundance, which rubs off on the rowdy crowd down at the front, with a barrier even being knocked over at one point. The dynamics of “Lamplight” would not sound out of place on a Pixies record, a band that BBC will be supporting later this month in London. Driving basslines are a plenty, effects are used to the max and you can guarantee the hooks will be in the kids heads in registration tomorrow morning.

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Friday, September 25, 2009

Like Spinning Discs #2: Eight Legs

In our 2nd edition of Like Spinning Discs, Darryl Marsden asks Jack Garside from Eight Legs to choose his 5 albums of choice. Eight Legs release new single I Understand on 5th October before playing a small UK tour.

If you could only take 5 LP's or EP's into a nuclear bunker to listen to as we all slowly blow each other up, which would you choose and why?

Nirvana - Nevermind
This goes without saying I guess, but this was my first taste of alternative music. Dave Grohl is one of my heroes and one of the reasons i started drumming.

Radiohead - OK Computer
This was the first and still is now one of the only albums i can give 10/10. It has stand out singles on it but you do it an injustice if you dont listen to it from start to finish. Electioneering is my favourite song of all time.

The Strokes - Is This It
The Strokes were for me the pioneers of 'indie music' of today. I was 14 when it came out and i was obsessed with it. I love the production on the album, Fab makes me hard.

The Libertines - Up The Bracket
I got introduced to them by Sams dad. I loved Horrorshow and when I was 15 Sam and I bunked off school to go down to their London Forum gigs. It was our first time in London and we got served at the bar and got really pissed. So i played the album over and over from then on.

Blink 182 - Enema Of The State
The fact that this record has sold over 15 million copies sets it aside from the crowd. Enema Of The State absolutly changed my life, it was produced by the late, great Jerry Finn and defined the sound of modern punk. It gave this band the platform to become one of the most successful bands in the world.

[VIDEO] Eight Legs - I Understand
[SPOTIFY] Nirvana - Nevermind
[SPOTIFY] Radiohead - OK Computer
[SPOTIFY] The Strokes - Is This It
[SPOTIFY] The Libertines - Up The Bracket

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Electric Light Bulb Lies

Image taken from Christiana & Tim's diaries.

Factory Kids are a pair of Glaswegians who formed in 2008. After a couple of low-key releases on small indie labels, they've just released their debut LP on the New Zealand based label Power Tool Records. The exclusive track they've sent over to us speaks volumes about the rest of the LP it is taken from; seamlessly blending The Vaselines guitar fuzz with Jesus & Mary Chain style drone to create a kind of depressive surf-pop. Glorious stuff that shows it's softer side on tracks such as She Said, an echo-ridden joy infused with deliciously airy vocals.

The pair have just let loose a fantastic little mixtape which you can download below, perfectly showcasing the different influences they meld together in their own material. Tracklisting here and cover here.

[EXCLUSIVE MP3] Factory Kids - Electric Light Bulb Lies (Alt Link)
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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I Don't Not Love You

Flashguns are rapidly bursting out of the seams of the music industry, filling our ears with their fresh sounds and stonking drum beats. Here at Our Iron Lung that's obviously the kind of thing that sets our hearts pumping, so when we told Annabelle she was off to interview them it pretty much made her spaff everywhere.

Flashguns have been together since they met at school in West Sussex, but they insist they’re not a ‘school band’; “we’ve grown up a lot”, lead singer and guitarist Sam Felix Johnston tells me. “We started together about two years ago and started touring more seriously and taking each other more seriously at the beginning of our gap years”. The band’s gap year is now coming towards a close this September, so when asked what they planned to study at university, this was the response I was amusingly greeted with;

Sam: I’m doing Philosophy and so is Olly (Scanton, Flashguns’ bassist). Oli (Wright, Flashguns’ percussionist) is doing golf club technology.

Annabelle: Golf club technology? What’s that?

Sam: It’s a form of physics.

Oli: It’s all to do with erm, just general golf clubbing.

Sam: We are planning to go to university, but I think ultimately...

Olly: [interrupting] We’re planning to drop out.

Sam: Well no, not drop out, I think that’s the wrong word, I think we’re planning to...

Olly: [interrupting] leave.

AM: Do you not want to go?

Sam: [pause] No, not anymore. But the thing is I would go, I’d love to go if we didn’t have the band; it’s my passion it’s all I want to do. We’re going to go until we get signed and then we’ll drop out.

I suppose you have to give it to them on the unconventional thinking front. Wondering if they had much else planned for summer, Sam tells me that they’ve got quite a chilled summer: “We’re just trying to really prep up good stuff for next year; do some writing, rehearsing, maybe do some more demo recording. We’ve got some shows coming up, one in London and one for Artrocker in Manchester. We would have liked to have done a few more shows actually but we didn’t really get on the festival bandwagon in time".

The band is inspired by artists such as Nirvana, Biffy Clyro, Jimmi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and The Beatles. Sam also added: “I think we wouldn’t say we’re trying to emulate anyone. Every song we’ve ever listened to has somehow ended up in our tracks and we’re not of a genre and not trying to go along with any crowd. We were never influenced by one particular artist, so we’ve always made music that we like the sound of. That’s why it changes a lot and from one song to the next as the consistency's not really there, but I think that’s a good thing and keeps our music fresh as we have a lot of passion for it so we don’t feel like we have to write a song and feel compromised".

When asked which actors the band would want to play them in a film, the answers were quite alarming. It would seem that Oli would like to have a sex change and have Catherine Zeta Jones star as him. Even more disturbing, it seems that Olly would like to do a reverse wacko Jacko so he could be played by Denzel Washington. How very interesting. However, seeing as we were at Summer Sundae I thought it’d be fitting to ask the boys some summer themed questions.

AM: Okay. So would you rather go to a sandy or pebble beach?

Sam: Well pebble beaches are nice to go on, but if I wanna go surfing like say in Brighton then I’d rather be on a sandy beach. But ultimately I’m not a big fan of sand. Isn’t sand a weird word?

AM: I tell you what is a weird word: winkelmesser. It’s the German for protractor.

Sam: Hey, you know what? I saw a protractor outside our van earlier just randomly and wondered “What the hell is this doing here?”

AM: Maybe someone wanted to measure the angles of some triangles and do a bit of trig.

Sam: Good old trig.

AM: So would you rather go for a donkey ride or go to the fairground?

Sam: You know what, I’d love to go on a donkey ride. Actually, you should probably boycott the donkey ride as they’re really mean to them as they whip them and don’t treat them very well and all their hair comes off. Then I’d run away with the donkey as I’m quite good at horse riding and I’d save it.

AM: Ooh I have a pet hedgehog. Well, I had it for a day: I stole it from the woods. took it to the pub with me and then took it home on the bus and hid it in a box when I went to work.

Sam: They are quite sweet, I wouldn’t mind having a pet hedgehog. Did you feed it dog food?

AM: No, a lot of people I’ve talked to about it told me to do that, but I didn’t, I fed it chips as I went to Mc Donalds.

Sam: Did it have a name?

AM: I called it Bambi.

So there you have it kids, fuck that university place at UCL, have a sex change then gallop off into the sunset with Pedro the Skegness donkey. Your life will be pretty much sorted.

[MP3] Flashguns - I Don't Not Love You
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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Gifts & Presents

The Our Iron Lung writers have seen some fabulous bands over the summer. Some of them we admired from a distance, some of them we had a chat with in interviews we're yet to share. While we're all pretty must at the moment either enrolling in university courses or settling into 6th form, I thought I'd take a second to let you know about a couple of things we've got to give away.

Firstly, we've got a great little tote bag (like this) from the wonderful Jose Vanders to give away. Just drop us an email at letting us know what records you can't wait to stuff in your brand new tote. You've got a week to email us, we'll let you know once we've chosen a winner.

Secondly we've got a very limited debut 7" release from superb Leeds band Sketches, who I caught supporting Grammatics and Pull Tiger Tail in York the other month. We'll have a full feature on Sketches in a couple of weeks, but in the meantime drop us an email at and we'll pick a winner in a week.

All competitions are UK residents only, and we'll keep a crafty eye out for anyone trying to email in more than once, or anything else sneaky.

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Friday, September 04, 2009

Jose Vanders Is Nang

Jose Vanders returns to Lincoln this coming Tuesday, nearly a year and a half after her last visit, to showcase her upcoming album material. We sent Annabelle and Eleanor down to Leicester a few weeks ago to catch up with Jose and see what she's got in store.

Who influences you musically and how much do you think your songs are similar to the artists/bands who influence you?
There are definitely elements of everything I listen to in my songs. My dad has probably been the biggest influence on me; he always used to played me Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, Elton John, Simon and Garfunkel and Labi Siffre, as well as a lot of classical music. Also, Vanessa Carlton, Regina Spektor and Norah Jones, without these three ladies I definitely wouldn't be singing; I had no idea girls could get away with singing and playing piano at the same time!

Have any labels or producers wanted to sign and/or collaborate with you, if so whom and what has become of their interest?
I've been lucky enough to work with quite a few producers and songwriters, notably Futurecut, Blue May, Matty G and John Fortis which is great. John and I wrote the best ever pop song the other week it's so good. I also recorded in Abbey Road a couple of weeks ago which was insane! Oh my God it was amazing! That place reeks of money, and the nostalgia is incredible; they even had a fruit platter for the bands! I ate all the grapes and the apples, even though I think they were leftovers from the band before. Jeff Beck and Herbie Hancock were in the next room! Best Sunday evening of my life. As for labels, I've had interest from quite a few majors, but they all play the numbers game and it's rather pointless. I'm enjoying being unsigned, as naff as it sounds, travelling round in a Ford Fiesta full of friends and instruments is a pretty wonderful thing.

What's in the pipeline for the second half of this year and then 2010?
I am off to Bristol university next month to study English Literature, which I'm excited about. I plan to read lots, drink lots and meet lots of people, so hopefully this will leak into my music. Definitely gonna keep writing! I'll have so much more to write about, especially if I'm learning all the time! And maybe get some new found uni friends and start a rock band. That's definitely in the pipeline.

What type of animal do you think you are most like?
Well the twelve signs of the zodiac always hinted that I was a sheep. Apparently sheep aren't good with money, are disorganised, creative, well mannered, pessimistic and romantic which sounds exactly like me! I reckon a tiger though. I'm pretty selfish. and a fighter. Yeahhhh!

To what extent is your song Peter Pan influenced by the character/film?
Ahh that song was written with my friend Thom. I was hanging out in his house, he was playing guitar and there was the childrens book about Peter Pan lying on the floor, so I was just like ‘I'm gonna write a song about Peter Pan!' I don't think the song bears any relation to the story though, maybe it does on some weird level, not consciously though.

Are you looking forward to coming back to play in Lincoln?
SO MUCH. Haha I hope it's as good as last time. It's gonna be better, I can feel it!

What did you celebrate your 19th Birthday? Did it beat your 18th Birthday in Lincoln?
My 19th Birthday was a pile of crap. I went out in Maidstone, spent £1 buying a drink for my best friend, had a fight with my boyfriend, nearly kissed a guy with a ponytail and then went back to Dave's brother's house and woke up spooning Dave. Then I went straight to work on my actual Birthday and ate a lot of chocolate cake to make up for it. So no, it definitely didn't beat my 18th; that was the best weekend of my life!

If you were Superwoman for the day, what would you do and what powers would you have?
I'd probably be able to drive a flying minibus, and pile all my friends and family inside and fly to an island full of food, drink and music! It's a bit self-indulgent, and not very Superwoman like. I should really say something like save the world right?

Who's better, Barbie or Cindy?
Barbie, who else? I used to have so many Barbies, and the car! And the wardrobe, and a school and a shop. I literally saved up all my money for Barbies, and asked for Barbies every Christmas and Birthday. I was obsessed. It made me really sad when I went into a toystore the other day and there was this design your own electronic Barbie. You can't play with her and make her kiss a purple suited Ken can you? She's on a screen!

Who would you rather date and why: Harry Potter or Ron Weasley?
Totally Ron. I don't get the whole Harry thing. Daniel Radcliffe is not good looking at all. Not that Ron particularly is, but at least he's funny. Couldn't date anyone too serious.

And finally, which came first, the egg or the chicken?
Obviously the chicken. God made animals and put them on the ark right? I'm going out with a vicar's son. I know all about these things...

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