Thursday, November 22, 2007

Just a quick one to fill you in on some events in Lincoln which have been anounced in the last few weeks. Some of these are old news, some of these aren't, but there are some great MP3's by most of the bands mentioned at the bottom of the page.

Firstly, Charlotte from The Subways is playing a DJ set @ Sakura this coming Tuesday 27th November. Tickets are £4 advance from Kind bar, or £5 on the door. Exciting stuff, but shame its not the full band.

Erol Alkan is making a much anticipated trip to Lincoln on Friday 30th of November to play Audiojak at the Cell. Doors are from 9pm, £6 entry. This is going to be heaving, make sure you get their early. Erol is one of the most prestigious movers in the british electro indie scene, remixing everyone from the likes of Bloc Party to Klaxons. Famed for his live show, a complete and utter must-see!

Club Indiependance makes another big-hitting appearance at the Cell in mid-December for its Christmas Party with a headline slot from NME-darlings Blood Red Shoes, a drums/guitar combo from Brighton who have previously toured with Pull Tiget Tail and the Rumble Strips. Keep an eye on the Club Indiependance myspace for more information, and find a fabouls remix of their debut single at the end of the post.

In February the Engine Shed plays host to Lincoln's very first NME Tour date, with scenster darlings The Cribs, along with support from Joe Lean & The Jing Jang Jong, Does It Offend You Yeah?, and The Ting Tings. A fabulous collection of band names if ever there was one! There's an mp3 from JL&TJJJ below, while tickets are available now from the Engine Shed box office and at all the usual online sources.

Lastly, the Drill Hall returns to the live music fold with a revitalised incarnation of its Pioneer Club, now under the guise of 'Now we are: lincoln'. This night is now promoted by local indie lads Andy and Luke, both veteran DJ's or band members. Their opening night is on Saturday 2nd February when they play host to the fabulous King Creosote. You can find a gorgeous song by him below, along with material from the other artists mentioned above.

[MP3] Blood Red Shoes - It's Getting Boring By The Sea (Blamma Blamma Remix)
[MP3] Joe Lean & TJJJ - Lucio Starts Fires
[MP3] King Creosote - Admiral

Monday, November 19, 2007

Its the beginning of the week, you want something to awaken you, jump you out of your seat in the cold run up to the Christmas holidays. How about a glut of spine tingling remixes?

- Foals - Hummer (Passions Remix) - Buy here.
First up is a remix of the now classic post-Klaxons party anthem, Hummer by Foals. Emerging this year as possibly one of the most exciting party bands to come to the surface since Skins forever engrained the Soulwax edit of 'Standing In The Way Of Control' on our brains as the only party song the cocaine loving over-16 will ever need. This is classic Foals, keeping all the beats and main vocal lines of the original, but infusing them with a floor killing cowbell line and a million-and-one French knob twists. Its a paint by numbers re-edit of something its hard to mess with without losing the integral appeal. While I'd love to hear something like a Diplo remix of this, it seems this is the best thats going to drop so far.

- Calvin Harris - Merrymaking (Kissy Sellout Remix) - Buy here.
Starting out with some Kate Nash style piano chords and scales, this soon descends into a bassy, flicky synth driven stomper. Keeping pretty light on the typical strong dance beats, it relies on reforming the already dancey riffs and synth lines while layering them over each other in increasingly affected ways, fabulous stuff. In a similar way to the Foals remix above, it manages to keep the original format of the song while sexing it up significantly. Fresh but sub-par take on an already incredible song by one of the most exciting remixers going at the moment.

- Bloc Party - Flux (Goodbooks Magnetism Remix) - Buy here.
This was given away free with last weeks copy of NME in the UK, along with remixes by JFK and Punks Jump Up, but for those of you who don't buy NME, or live out of the UK, here it is again. Its a cracking take on a song that isn't too perfect in its original incarnation. This remix adds some much needed structure to the song, breaking it up a bit, giving it some build and slowdown, seperating the choruses and verses out, all while wrapping it in this fantastic ramshackle electro sheen. Fabulous stuff!

- Ladyfuzz - Oh Marie (Jeremy Warmsley Gospel Truth Edition) - Buy here.
A predictably fantastic remix of the standout single from the only album by the now defunct Ladyfuzz. Once signed to Transgressive Records, putting on one of the best live shows I've seen in years didn't seem to keep this band alive and well. I can't seem to find why Ladyfuzz split, but it was news to me today. Shame. On this, Jeremy takes the vocals from the track, and in a similar way to his Mystery Jets remix, layers them over some soft bedroom-electro and ghostly sounds. Its like sticking Liz from Ladyfuzz in an antiques shop alone, adding some ghostly kids in to the mix, stiring it all around, and then recording the results. Fabulous stuff.

[MP3] Foals - Hummer (Passions Remix) - Buy here.
[MP3] Calvin Harris - Merrymaking (Kissy Sellout Remix) - Buy here.
[MP3] Bloc Party - Flux (Goodbooks Magnetism Remix) - Buy here
[MP3] Ladyfuzz - Oh Marie (Jeremy Warmsley Gospel Truth Edition) - Buy here.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Although at times it feels like this might turn in to a Jeremy Warmsley blog, we're not completely obsessed. However, its time time to swing back round to the guy, seeing as he's currently recording new material and debuting it on the road with artists such as I'm From Barcelona and Maps. We made it along to one of these shows in Nottingham back in September, thanks a lot to Jeremy for sorting us out on that front, and recorded 3 of the new songs he was debuting. He played an acoustic set, mainly because he wanted to debut new songs on this tour, and not be constrained by only playing songs he'd devised full band parts for. I think at least half of the material in his short 30-minute set was new, sitting really well alongside the acoustic performances of his old material. I'm going to post the three videos, you can find mp3's of the recordings at the bottom of the post, along with a couple of other bonus Jeremy Warmsley tracks. If you like his stuff, make sure you pick up a copy of either his debut album 'Art Of Fiction', or one of his early EP's, all available on Transgressive Records.

Untitled -
Tip-tapping piano, quite similar to tracks on Art Of Fiction. The piano skips around the melody nicely, playing off each word in the verses before matching back in to time for the chorus. "You saw me dancing with the enemy, dancing with sympathy, some kind of guarantee, I danced with the enemy".

Untitled 2 -
Guitar strumming, stop-start rhythm, very different from anything on Art Of Fiction. "You make me lose my cool, and all the things I thought defined my sense of myself; you make me lose my cool, and you, you come at last, now tell me what to do; my shadow is alive and my composure is gone, I've lost all sense of myself". A chorus delivered with wrenching earnest, soaring painfully as the guitar builds and supports the desperation in the lyrics.

Crane Flies -
After a gorgeous 3 minute piano led description of crane flies circling over lovers heads as they tell each other their secrets, this erupts into cascading piano keys and sudden bursts of energy and brutality. Absolutely incredible live as it builds up to the soaring crescendo of an end.

[BUY] Buy Jeremy Warmsley's records direct from Transgressive here.
[LIVE MP3] Jeremy Warmsley - Untitled
[LIVE MP3] Jeremy Warmsley - Untitled 2
[LIVE MP3] Jeremy Warmsley - Crane Flies
[BONUS MP3] Jeremy Warmsley - After The Fact
[BONUS MP3] Mystery Jets - On My Feet (Jeremy Warmsley Mendicant Mix)

Sunday, November 11, 2007

At long last, here's the fabulous new video for Our Iron Lung favorites, Lincoln's very own I Need To Discover. Having supported bands such as Goodbooks and Louie at Club Indiependance, as well as Bono Must Die and Late Of The Pier at House Of Jealous Lovers, I Need To Discover have their debut single 'Mix And Match' out later this month on Square Peg Round Hole Records. Its already been featured in Artrocker, Sandman, and Bullet, and the video is to be on MTV2 by mid-week. I Need To Discover have several single launch parties planned to celebrate the release on 26th November, including Lincoln on the 28th, and London on the 1st December, make sure you get along to those. For now, I'll leave you with the video and an old demo MP3 to keep you happy until the 26th.

[MP3] I Need To Discover - Trainwreck - Buy from HMV on 26th November.
[VIDEO] I Need To Discover - Mix & Match
[MYSPACE] I Need To Discover

EDIT:// The physical release of Mix & Match has been put back to the 10th of December, iTunes to 3rd December. Keep an eye on the I Need To Discover myspace for more info and pre-order links.

Friday, November 09, 2007

So, its been pretty quiet around here recently, since the heat and squalor of the summer. However, lots has changed since then. Our Iron Lung now has DJ sets at Club Indiependance at the Cell in Lincoln every Wednesday, showcasing the best in fresh indie and electro. We like playing local bands, they like hearing their songs being played. We also help book bands for Club Indiependance, as well as another night in Spilsby, allowing us to book live slots for Our Iron Lung's favorite local artists such as Aurora Stripe and I Need To Discover. On another note, I (Liam) now write for the Lincoln SU magazine Bullet, as well as Sandman Magazine, distributed free in Nottingham, Leeds, Sheffield, Manchester, York and Hull (25,000 copies a month!). Its all go in this world. This post is going to be pretty packed full of media, so lets begin.

Firstly, this time last weekend I was down in Skegness watching Pigeon Detectives. Unfortunately no local support bands, but still a pretty stunning show, you can see a video I took embedded below.

Next up is this Wednesday night just gone at Club Indiependance, where we had great sets from Joe Mac, Dirty Backbeats, Rosalita, and The Displacements. There'll be a full review in both the new issue of Bullet, out the end of November, and the December issue of Sandman. For now, you can see some fabulous pictures from the night on Scott Murray's flickr page here and download some mp3's by each of the bands at the bottom of the page.

Finally, I've been playing the new Young Knives single Terra Firma to death at Club Indiependance, and as some kind of weird reward from Transgressive Records, have been showered with heaps of Young Knives badge sets and Terra Firma posters/fliers. Seeing as these are currently cluttering up my otherwise gorgeous room, I figured I should get rid of them, so... A free bundle of Young Knives goodies and possibly some other extra stuff to the first five people to drop me an email (address is in the sidebar) with the subject "Fake Rabbit Real Snake".

[YOUTUBE] Pigeon Detectives - You Know I Love You (Live @ Skegness)
[MP3] The Displacements - Frontline Hearts - Buy here.
[MP3] Dirty Backbeats - The Bop - Visit the myspace here.