Tuesday, May 29, 2007

So, rumours on the net are that there are "issues" with the Wombats gig on Friday the 1st. People say that the singer has an illness. That the band have an illness. Its all a bit unexplained, and nothing definite has been stated. I've been in contact with Steve Hawkins, the Bivouac's booking agent/manager, and as soon as anything is confirmed, he'll give the word. So far that hasn't happened, so keep your hopes high! I for one am looking forward to Friday night incredibly.

So, to tide your anxious ears over until the event that will/wont be Friday night, here is a gorgeous remix I recently stumbled across. As some of you will know, I headed down to the NME Tour at Nottingham on Saturday night, unfortunately missing an (apparently) cracking night at RaW. One of the highlights of the night for me was finally seeing The Little Ones live, after what seems like far too long of admiring their work from a distance. This song, "Lovers Who Uncover", is a past single from the UK. However, this Crystal Castles remix takes the already seminal catchy tune and infectious chorus created by Little Ones and warps it in to something altogether more nasty. A dirty, electro squelch of sound. A mess of 8-bit bleeps and effects, held together by a hypnotic bassline and a reasonably intact chorus vocal. Possibly one of the most catchy Crystal Castles remixes I've heard. This slice, along with others by the likes of Uffie and GoodBooks, shows why Crystal Castles are such an exciting force in the post-nu-rave comedown.

[MP3] The Little Ones - Lovers Who Uncover (Crystal Castles Remix) - Buy (minus this remix) here.

[BONUS MP3] Uffie - Make It Hott (Crystal Castles Remix) (thanks to We Were Rockstars).

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Just about to dash out to see the NME New Music Tour in Nottingham. Starring Rumble Strips, Pull Tiger Tail, Blood Red Shoes, and Little Ones. Really looking forward to seeing Pull Tiger Tail, they were great fun when they played the Biv at the end of last year. I'll get some nice photos/videos and post some MP3's up tomorrow.

For people staying in Lincoln for the night, One Big Wellington Boot has OvO from Milan playing, with support from, amoung others, I My Bike. Definetly worth getting along to that I'd say. On the other hand, RaW (having now moved to the Mezz bar in Pavillions) have Starter playing what I think is the last RaW of this year. So plenty to get up to.

And to pass the time, I thought you might find this ammusing... Courtesy of I Am Fuel, You Are Fire.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Visuals time... Slices of colour to light up your day. A few rather fun videos to share. French today! Continental films, we all love them...

Justice - D.A.N.C.E.
Justice's track is clearly headed for the same status as "We Are Your Friends", and the video is as fun, if not more fun, than the video for that single. Every single one of the T-shirts featured is totally cool. I know I'd wear them all. One for each day of the year.

Teki Latex - Le Matins de Paris ft. Lio
The following track is taken from a forthcoming album by french artist Teki Latex. He seems like an ammusing soul, creating tunes instilled with summery fun, yet enough of an electric groove to make your toes tap 100%. This song itself is a totally addictive pop-blast, losing none of its charm and laughter in the language barrier. This video made me giggle the whole way through. Its second after second of multi-coloured fun and frolics. Cheery. Like.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

So, in the next few weeks Lincoln see's a whole host of incredible bands descending at its doors! You owe it to yourself to make it to as many of these as you can...

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- Friday 25th May - Fury Of The Headteachers w/ Rotary Ten @ Bivouac

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- Friday 1st June - The Wombats w/ Aurora Stripe @ Bivouac

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- Saturday 2nd June - The Whip w/ Ice Cream Social @ Pioneer Club, Drill Hall

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- Thursday 7th June - Bono Must Die w/The Be Be See & I My Bike @ House Of Jealous Lovers, SoLuxe

All 100% worth your time. You should take my word for it, but i'll explain why anyway. Fury Of The Headteachers play like Bloc Party if they'd pursued deeper punk routes. They drag Interpol-style basslines kicking and screaming into a sweaty mess. The Wombats are catchy, jingle-jangle indie songs from Liverpool, but sound more akin to The Strokes, if The Strokes had a wicked sense of humour. The Whip are releasing song on Kitsune Maison, one of France's most progressive labels, which has released dancefloor-killing remixes of Bloc Party, Klaxons, and Digitalism. They tear the floor and air into tiny pieces, lace it with synths, and throw it back at your ears as an electronic mess. Bono Must Die are a wiser, less child friendly Hadouken. Taking all the best elements of gritty indie dancefloors and laceing it with killer basslines and spat-out vocals. Also, they have one of the best band names ever.

So, persuaded? You should be, but if all those MySpace links and pretty pictures and wise recomendations aren't enough, here is a collection of MP3's for your listening pleasure. I'll see you around. Yeah?

[MP3] Bono Must Die - Saving Betty Picture Face
[MP3] Fury Of The Headteachers - Farewell Comrade
[MP3] Rotary Ten - Idols of Our Own Design
[MP3] The Whip - Trash
[MP3] The Wombats - Metro Song
Tiny Dancers @ Bivouac, Lincoln, 20th May 2007
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Awesome gig this one. Support came from The Silver Lakes, Street 45th, and Great British Smile. GBS played a 6 song set, which although well formed and executed, didn't really feel in keeping with what was to follow. Their songs ran along at a constant pace, each one echoing the one before. Sometimes, sparks of energy would come through the music, the intro to one song in particular caught my ear, but they never built on this promise. Still, the fact that the promise is their in the first place is good. An honerable mention to their drummer though, who threw himself energetically into every song! Possibly a band to look out for once they have developed their ideas further.

Tiny Dancers put on a stunning show from the beginning, unleashing coloured balloons into the eager indie-bopper arms that were becoming energised by their shiny melodies. Frontman David Kay puts on an energetic show, which you can see yourself in the video below. He both "fronts" the band, in a heavily extroverted way, physically rather than vocally, while still allowing the other band members to shine through. Their songs themselves are reminiscant of Elton John had he written with the Spinto Band. Addictive, catchy, shiny, jangly, ramshackle jewels of charming pop music. Not twee, just full of summer energy and flair. Totally glad that I made it to this gig in the end, I recommend that you all do the same. They're touring for the next few weeks all over the UK, so no excuse to not catch them.

[MP3] Tiny Dancers - I Will Wait For You - Buy here and here, pre-order debut album here.