Tuesday, February 02, 2010

We Throw Parties, You Throw Knives

Prior to the release of their smashing new album we sent Hannah Matthews along to interview Ellen from Los Campesinos!

Where did the inspiration come from for the name Los Campesinos! - why ‘The Peasants’?
Neil came up with the name due to the fact he did Spanish A Level, and we were all struggling to come up with a band name. It seemed to sound nice, and look pretty written down so we stuck with it, not a very exciting story I am afraid!

When I was asked to describe your music, a melee of thoughts came to mind. How would you describe your sound?
Shambolic indie pop, I don’t know, it’s quite a hard thing to do, like describing yourself naked. A melee of sound oddly appropriate.

For people reading this who might not be familiar with your music, which of your songs would you say sums Los Campesinos! up?
I would like to think that there is not one particular song which summarises us, as we like to keep growing and improving as musicians, I guess what ever is our highest listened to song on last.fm is a good place to start for newbie’s or lazies.

You deal with deep subject matter and sombre lyrics, especially on your second album, but juxtapose this with uplifting music and vibrant live performances. What would you say is more important to you as artists, the music or the lyrics?
I think that’s like trying to pick a favourite child, they are both equally as important as the other, and the juxtopositoning of both seems to create an interesting dynamic, plus they would be kind of pointless apart…

I saw you play Leeds Cockpit on October 30th, and it reaffirmed my opinion that as a live band, you’re head and shoulders above the rest. Do you enjoy playing live and where’s your favourite venue?
We do enjoy playing live and it’s amazing to have people react positively to us, and the crowd in Leeds were awesome, even though we probably gave them all swine flu. I think one of the most impressive places we have performed was a baseball stadium in Japan, that was incredibly surreal and amazing, and made us feel like successful sportsmen.

Why has it been so long since LC! have played in the UK? Will you be touring the UK with your next album?
We were hanging out in America for the first half of the year, we mixed up recording and touring for about five months. We will be doing an extensive tour of the uk next year, so look out!

Your passion for music is evident in your promotion of other bands, such as the incredible Sky Larkin. Which up and coming bands would you recommend we keep an eye out for?
Islet, Sparky Deathcap and Copy Haho are all pretty special.

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