Monday, January 14, 2008

In a similar kind of way to announcing we're pregnant, but with 9 months skipped, we now have a new contributor! The fabulous, somehow overlooked on these pages, Joe Mac! He'll be reviewing gigs in Lincoln, letting us know about artists he's in to at the moment, as well as reviewing local releases! So with out further ado, over to Mr Mac...

Fuck Buttons, made up of Benjamin John Power (what a name!) and Andrew Hung are currently touring the US and Canada until May, so might just jump out of the woodwork and surprise you with a UK tour just when you’re getting bored of spring. Apparently they used go to the pub with Foals, and cite their influences as “the loud and the free.”

The track, 'Sweet Love For Planet Earth', starts off with a twinkly keyboard bit that manages to sound epic without blasting your eardrums. But blasted they will be when, one minute in, a booming synth comes in, sounding like the Death Star if it had a ringtone. `Sweet Love For Planet Earth` sounds like a rocket accelerating into orbit, and when they distorted vocals kick in after a few minutes it’s like the band have encountered aliens. I am, of course speaking nonsense here, but basically, it’s an enchanting track for a band with so blunt a name, that kept me hypnotised for the entire 10 minutes. Give it a go when you’ve just finished a big, boring piece of work early in the morning and you have a pair of decent headphones handy.

Another kickass new song/band/dude has to be Jonjo Feather. He looks a bit like the Hessian from Sleepy Hollow if he was into 50s rock ‘n’ roll crooners and polka dots. Anyway, looks aside, the man has some fine tunes that chug along with warm, fuzzy guitar and jingly tambourine cymbals. You have to start off with 'I Suppose', it comes across as a brooding, sinister-sexy first date song. The breathy singing is menacing and nonchalant at the same time. A very cool song well worth checking out.

[MYSPACE] Fuck Buttons on myspace.
[MYSPACE] Jonjo Feather on myspace.