Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Idlers have come on leaps and bounds within the Lincoln scene, taking themselves from fresh University upstarts to steadfast flag-fliers within the space of two years. This release aims to cement the whirlwind guitar sound that The Idlers have developed, taking it from a live performance to a double A-sided reality. The two songs, 'Momentum' and 'Silhouettes' could practically merge in to each other, feeling, as all good double A-sides should, like two parts of the same idea. With guitars that drive with a charming shyness, forever hiding behind each other, yet always punching back from behind the rhythm section, this release is the strongest yet from the band. It takes over a territory left behind by old Lincoln bands such as Rotary Ten or One Word Poem, changing the markers and lines, but keeping the same eagerness and ambition. "I've heard that this is the time, and this is the place" sings Joe, with an earnest and energy transcending their sometimes yearning live show. For The Idlers, it is right here, on the edge of something massive, that really is their time and place.

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